Model Kits



 One of my favourite models to date. 

The Interceptor was from the TV series UFO in the 1970s. and this was a "primary defence spacecraft".

I designed this model due to it's a rarity and I love to bring back childhood memories, bringing back the classics. 

This models comes in 25 pieces and you build, finish and paint yourself... perfect for mini projects, collectibles or even gifts. 

Each part was separated into pieces which interlock (some many need glue) to make it an enjoyable experience. 



The first model I designed and it inspired me to continue the collection...

STINGRAY;  a series about a futuristic submarine patrol made back in the 1960s, comes in 15 pieces (unfinished and unpainted) most parts are interlocking and fit nicely together without any adhesive.

Great way to relive your childhood memories. 

Fireball XL5


One of my proudiest models..Very easy design and a breeze putting it together. This model kit is unfinished and unassembled. 

This is perfect for someone who isn't an expert in building.  Bring back those memories of your childhood and make it your own.


Well what a model kit this is... my very first model that comes with Vacuum forming parts.

What a model kit this is... One of my very first model kits that has Vacuum forming parts.  wanted to try something new and create an effect where you can see th inside of it. easy to put together as it has a 3d pribnted pole to hold verything in place (with a little help with acetone and superglue)

Thunderbirds one


This one is very popular... being the old design for the thunderbirds bringing back the classic... all slots together (unfortunetly havent found a way of making the wings move AS JUST YET.)  

The first of many TBs kits. 

Thunderbird 2


What can i say about this beauty.. i designed this model kit to have a removable belly that has a little surprise inside.... miniture thundrbirds 4...

Popular for those TB fans... 

little bit of a hand full to put together but nothing a little superglue will help...



This design was a little hard to wrap my head around.

the Supercar writing on the base gives a little extra touch.... i cant forget the Vacuum forming top with its own cockpit design for effect... 

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